Road Bike Maintenance Guide

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Owning a road bike means more than just having fun and cycling around the city. If you want to keep your road bike for years to come and in good condition your going to have to do some road bike maintenance every once in awhile. Not only will maintenance help the longevity of your bike but it could also help you prevent any issues that could end up with you getting hurt while riding it. Road bike maintenance isn’t a big deal, but it needs to be done ever so often.

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Cleaning Up

Use a lightly damp piece of cloth like an old shirt and wipe your bike down to get all the street grime off of it. Wipe down the frame, fork, brakes, gears, etc. This not only makes your bike look shiny and pretty but also makes sure that your road bike and it’s components don’t get old and corrode.

Check the Tires, Wheels, Brake Pads, and Handlebar Tape

  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated.
  • Check the wheels for damage and the tension of the spokes
  • Turn your bike upside down and rotate the wheels. If your wheels wobble you need to get your wheels trued
  • Check that the Brake pads aren‘t too worn down and that they are properly aligned. Also Squeeze down on the brakes and make sure they are stopping the wheels.
  • Make sure your break cables aren‘t fraying or broke and replace them if they are.
  • Replace old handlebar tape.
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    Use a specially designed oil for lubricating bikes when you do this. Do not use wd40 this will end up hurting your bike in the long run.

    Lubricate your bike chain, brake, cassette, pivot points, derailleurs, pedal, chainrings, and shifter.

    Failing to lubricate your road bike periodically will result in having you put more stress on pedaling and make the brakes less responsive.


    Avoid the disaster of having the seat post binding to the frame. Remove the seat post and wipe it down clean and then apply some grease to the post. If your seatpost is made out of carbon fiber simply apply specialized grease for carbon like Scott Carbon Grease.

    Final Thought

    Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If your not going to take the time out to take care of your bike, then your bike isn’t going to end up caring for your safety or your wallet.
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