Reaction Journey 21-Speed Hybrid Bike Review

Posted October 26, 2013 by admin in Bike Reviews

Reaction Journey 21-Speed Hybrid BikeIn this article I will be discussing the Reaction Journey 21-Speed Hybrid Bike. I bought this bike after years of neglecting my health and putting on a lot of “extra” pounds. I decided to take hold of my life and start cycling around town and get healthy. One of my friends recommended the Reaction Journey 21-Speed Hybrid Bike so I bought it online. The bike was easy to put together and I had it fully assembled in no time.

The bike comes with SRAM MRX Gripshift shifters and a cool suspension fork. The bike is very comfortable to ride even for someone as out of shape as myself. This bike has helped me greatly in getting active and being a healthier person. The Reaction Journey is a great bike and I’m very thankful of how this bike has enriched my life.



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